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Hi! I'm Francesca Barker-Mills

"In December 2020, I was convicted for fraud and sentenced to a 27 month custodial sentence. Having served half my sentence at HMP Styal and HMP Askham Grange, I returned home with a new perspective on what it means to send a woman to prison. My crime was wrapped around my ill-fated business which purported to champion exoffenders - it took the collapse of that business, a long period of rehabilitation and recovery, a change of career path but not of values or ideals - and in 2022, I stand true to my philosophy. Women involved in the CJS require more person focused, preventative, community support and that custodial sentencing is an extreme penance for crimes that can and should be dealt with by reparation and rehabilitation in the community setting through education, opportunity, therapy and humanity. I designed Coming Home as a safe space, where women can access tailored support, specific to the lived experience and needs of what comes after prison.

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